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AMPMaster Electrician is the first choice electrical services. At this Electrician Paramount establishment, we provide the highest standard of electrical services. Because we work with professional electricians and ensure that we remain reliable for commercial and residential electrical clients. Therefore, we provide comprehensive commercial and residential electrical services. This includes new installations, repairs, and general maintenance.

Because we are committed to providing an immediate response. AMPMaster Electrician remains a reliable electrical contractor by offering 24/7 emergency response to our customers. This covers servicing, new installations, repair, and emergency cases.


Electrical Panel Upgrades

Over time, the electrical equipment wear our. Therefore, the need for upgrading the electrical panel comes up. As you continue to invest in electrical appliances that improve your life, you should also ensure that the electrical panel is in good condition. Because, as we say, safety first!

Installation of Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector is an essential safety tool for homes and commercial premises. Therefore, do not put your family at the risk of dangerous smoke. Consult AMPMaster Electrician today for smoke detector installation in Paramount California.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Are you experiencing electrical faults now and then? Many households have incurred serious because of electrical faults that lead to burnt appliances. Therefore, to prevent this problem from recurring, it is advisable that you consider electrical troubleshooting services.


We offer transparent pricing and quality services at affordable pricing 24/7, So for general inquiries and a free estimate on the services that we offer, contact us today on (626)741-0078.