At AMPMaster Electrician, we have invested in the best electrical equipment and we will ensure that our customers receive the best service. Therefore, when looking for an electrician who provides a comprehensive and immediate response to customer requests, AMPMaster Electrician is your first choice. Through our competitive pricing structure and ability to respond to emergencies, we have earned a top-rated status highlighting us as the most sought after electrical services provider

For a free estimate on the services that we offer, contact us through the phone number (626)741-0078.  Here are some of the services that we offer to our customers.

Electrical panel upgrading

Over time, the electrical needs keep changing. This creates the need for upgrading the electrical panel. As you continue to invest in electrical appliances that improve your life, you also need to ensure that the electrical panel is upgraded in order to support your growing needs. Thus, contact AMPMaster Electrician for electrical panel upgrading services. Our technicians have the right experience on electrical panels. They will advise you accordingly ensuring you make the right decisions. We will inspect your electrical installation and evaluate it against the current consumption, advising you on the right electrical panel upgrade to cater to the growing requirements.

Installation of Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector is an essential safety tool for homes and commercial premises. Do not put your family at the risk of dangerous smoke. Consult AMPMaster Electrician today for smoke detector installation in Paramount California. We provide our customers with reliable smoke detectors ensuring your family is safe. We also offer smoke detector repair and replacement. When you contact us for smoke detector installation and repair, you are assured that the services offered will be top notch. We work with technicians who have been in the industry for decades. The electricians have experience in smoke detector installation, and they will ensure that you are served to satisfaction. To keep your family and property protected from harmful smoke and electrical faults, contact AMPMaster Electrician today.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Are you experiencing electrical faults now and then? Many households have incurred serious because of electrical faults that lead to burnt appliances. To prevent this problem from recurring, it is advisable that you consider electrical troubleshooting services. At AMPMaster Electrician, our electricians offer reliable troubleshooting services. Using state of the art equipment, we will scan your electrical installation for problems and advise you accordingly. Sometimes it might be an insufficient electrical panel or it might be a minor issue leading to electrical faults. Do not let electrical faults affect your livelihood. Contact AMPMaster Electrician for troubleshooting and repair services.

Home wiring and rewiring services

For new electrical installation or upgrading of the existing installation, AMPMaster Electrician provides reliable services. We have the best skills and experience required for proper electrical installations. Our technicians will respond quickly and remain dedicated to the project ensuring that you receive 100% satisfaction. Therefore, contact AMPMaster Electrician today for a reliable electrical wiring and rewiring service.

Paramount California Emergency Electrician

AMPMaster Electrician has a very good reputation when it comes to offering an emergency response. We continue to offer our customers high-quality services ensuring that we respond rapidly when called by our customers. With AMPMaster Electrician, you are guaranteed peace of mind even when experiencing an emergency break down. We offer periodical safety checks to ensure the issue does not recur in the future. Our electricians are well equipped and trained on emergency responses and so you can always expect speedy assistance. For reliable emergency response services, contact us now.